Cardinal Tagle urges Filipinos not to be enslaved by violence

Cardinal Tagle urges Filipinos not to be enslaved by violence

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle delivers his homily during Mass for the Walk for Life at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila, Feb. 24, 2018. ROY LAGARDE

By Roy Lagarde

June 12, 2018

Manila, Philippines

The head of Manila’s Roman Catholic Church called on Filipinos to resist being enslaved by violence as the spate of killings continue across the country.

In his message for Independence Day, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle said that such freedom is worthless if the country is being engulfed by crimes, corruption and poverty.

“It’s a false freedom when we are toying around with justice. We repeat: It is against the will of God to destroy life. Killing is not a solution to personal and societal problems,” he said.

The cardinal lamented the killings of many Filipinos, including slain Fr. Richmond Nilo of the Cabanatuan diocese and Henry Acorda, an overseas Filipino worker who was killed in Slovakia.

“…I hope no one will be next. We weep for them, their families, and our society. We seek justice for them,” Tagle said.

The Manila archbishop called on the people not to respond to violence with violence and for the assassins to stop the killings.

“When you are being ordered or paid to hurt or kill others, do not follow. Do not be a slave. A true free Filipino does not take advantage, destroy, and enslave others,” he added.

Cardinal Tagle also called on lawmakers to review prevailing laws on owning firearms and ammunitions.

“We are calling the attention of our lawmakers and those in charge of peace and order: Why is there too many guns and weapons on the loose?” he asked.

“Maybe there is a need to review laws and regulations concerning the manufacture, selling, buying, and ownership of guns. Let us not wait anymore for the time when it is easier to purchase guns than rice,” he said.