Caritas Manila ties up with online shop for donations

Caritas Manila ties up with online shop for donations

By CBCP News

October 7, 2019

Manila, Philippines

As online shopping becomes a major trend, the Manila archdiocese’s social action arm is using the platform to facilitate donors for its scholarship program.

Caritas Manila has partnered with “Goodwear”, an online community store of pre-loved items, in order to send more indigent children to school.

Under the new concept, sellers from the online store may choose to donate their unsold items to the church aid organization.

Caritas Manila also said that sellers and buyers from the community store can also send cash donations to them.

“This partnership aims to further help the less fortunate to be given more scholarships,” it said in a statement.

Caritas Manila has an existing donation-in-kind program to help support the needs of the poor.

Dubbed as “Segunda Mana”, funds raised through the sale of second-hand items are used to support its Youth Servant Leadership and Education Program or YSLEP.

Goodwear also aims to break notions that pre-loved items are less worth than the new ones.

Goodwear shares advocacy with Caritas Manila and believes that “good, mindful style isn’t expensive if it’s shared,” and it is setting itself as an example of its belief through helping share their products for those in need through the option of donating.

“Goodwear also aims to break the barriers of a common belief that pre-loved items are less prestigious from brand new products, and focuses on the trend of sustainability through these pre-loved items,” the statement also read.