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CBCP give solons 3 arguments vs kill bill

CBCP give solons 3 arguments vs kill bill
The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) during their plenary assembly. ROY LAGARDE

MANILA – In an effort to dialogue with lawmakers on the issue of death penalty, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) wrote to the senators, presenting three ultimate reasons why the said bill should be rejected.

Citing facts, the bishops said reviving death penalty is “not necessary,” it will “not be helpful,” and it “will not it be a move towards greater justice.”

The letter emphasized how the revival of capital punishment is not a move towards justice because “the trend in dealing with crimes now should be towards restorative, which seeks healing and reform, not vindictive justice.”

More than 70% judicial error

In addition, they noted, Supreme Court records show judicial error in death penalty cases is more than 70%.

“No study has shown that the imposition of death penalty is an effective deterrent to the commission of crimes. It may also weaken any appeal for clemency we make for our countrymen and women who have been sentenced to death in other countries,” they noted.

“For all these reasons among others, we ask you, dear senators, to reject the re-imposition of the death penalty,” appealed Archbishop Socrates Villegas, CBCP president, in the letter.

Strong opposition

The CBCP issued several pastoral letters showing strong opposition to the measure as well as one which expressed disappointment over the Lower House’s approval of the bill on March 7.

In one pastoral letter, Villegas expressed the bishops’ admiration for members of the House of Representatives who willingly accepted ouster from their positions in the Chamber because they voted against the Duterte administration’s pet bill.

On several occasions, the lay community has also voiced out their resistance against the bill by joining candle-lighting ceremonies, “Walk for Life” events, and noise barrages throughout the nation.

Now that reimposition of the death penalty lies in the vote of the Senate, the bishops continues to ask the faithful to pray for the senators and their votes. CBCPNews

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