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CBCP warns against self-proclaimed mystic, Vassula Ryden

CBCP warns against self-proclaimed mystic, Vassula Ryden

By CBCP News

November 19, 2019

Manila, Philippines

The Philippine Catholic Church has cautioned against a controversial self-proclaimed mystic’s claims of presenting messages from Jesus.

Archbishop Romulo Valles, president of the bishops’ conference, said that the Vatican statements warning Catholics against Vassula Ryden remained in force.

In a letter issued Nov. 18, he advised bishops not to provide any opportunity in their dioceses for the dissemination of Ryden’s pronouncements.

“We should be extremely careful and also pastorally charitable to our people who are attracted to the teachings of Vassula Ryden,” Valles said.

He also reminded the bishops that the “notification” made against Ryden by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in 1995 remains in effect.

Ryden was born to Greek parents living in Egypt in 1942 and claims to be receiving messages from Jesus and Mary.

A Greek Orthodox living in Switzerland, she had documented the supposed messages in multiple volumes of a book titled, “True Life in God”.

Valles said some seminars and other activities are being held to spread the book’s teachings to Catholic circles throughout the country.

In 2011, the Greek Orthodox Church also disapproved Ryden’s teachings and the Church of Cypress did the same the following year.

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