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CFC leadership backs Robredo for president

CFC leadership backs Robredo for president

By CBCP News

February 23, 2022

Manila, Philippines

The leadership of Couples of Christ (CFC), one of the country’s largest lay organizations, released a pastoral letter on Wednesday declaring their support for presidential candidate Leni Robredo.

The CFC International Council (IC) believes that Robredo, current vice president, would provide the much needed leadership the country needs.

In choosing Robredo, the lay leaders underwent their own discernment process of the criteria they felt were crucial in choosing the best leaders: honor, honesty, ability, wisdom, and God-fearing.

“We began our discussion of the criteria on the premise and realization that there is no perfect candidate,” the CFC officials said.

“At the end of our prayerful immersion and meaningful discussion, the members of the IC reached the decision to support the presidential candidacy of Leni Robredo,” they said.

This is the first time that the CFC leadership announced its support for a particular candidate in its 40 years as a Catholic organization.

As “we stand at the crossroads of our life and mission,” they said that “our choice will define us as a community and as citizens of our beloved country”.

The IC, however, clarified that their choice for Robredo is not endorsement as they still acknowledge the “God-given right of each and every member to make his or her choice”.

“We are not imposing this decision on anyone. We recognize that the very essence of democracy is the freedom of everyone to express their own views, to make their own choices and to demand, if not agreement, at least respect for their decisions,” they said.

“As has been our policy over the years, we do not and will not endorse candidates because we do not want to see CFC as an institution imposing block voting on the brethren,” they furthered.

Instead, the CFC leaders called on their members to undergo “circles of discernment” in choosing their respective candidates.

“Should your decision differ from ours, we will respect your choice in the spirit of love and brotherhood that has characterized, and will continue to characterize, our being CFC,” they said.


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