Chastity needed for a truly happy life, says book

Chastity needed for a truly happy life, says book

Fr. John C. Portavella’s latest book, “Means to Live a Happy and Chaste Life”

Fr. Mickey Cardenas

March 8, 2018


To live a chaste life in the modern world is not only possible but necessary if we are to live a full and truly happy life.

This is the view of Fr. John C. Portavella as he wrote “Means to Live a Happy and Chaste Life”, a book that can serve as a practical guide for ordinary people to live life to the fullest.

Drawing from his long experience in spiritual counseling and in pastoral work, Portavella, a priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei, helps readers look at the virtue of holy purity as a joyful affirmation of love.

Chastity: possible if we apply the means

Far from being a heavy treatise on moral theology, many readers can find in it clear suggestions on how to tackle temptations, plus specific advice on quitting porn. Some chapters discuss chastity within the married state and same-sex attraction that affect some persons.

Convinced that a chaste life is possible, Portavella said there are proper means to achieve it: “The best ones are those that develop within us a real relationship of friendship and a committed union with Jesus Christ, namely, frequent contact with Him in the sacrament of Confession, in Holy Mass and in Holy Communion received in the state of grace.”

The priest makes clear that “without any doubt, the best means to live holy purity is to have an intense interior life of love of God, a firm commitment to Jesus Christ, and devotion to Holy Mary, Mother of God”.

Battle between love and lust

“On the contrary, a person who is influenced by impurity has his eyes unable recognize the Lord properly,” he said, “like those polluted waters that prevent one from appreciating the awesome life developing within us.”

The author quotes St. John Paul II, who said, “The heart is a battlefield between love and lust.”

A guide, not a ‘cure-all’

Although readers of “Means to Live Holy Purity”, a similar book written by the same author years ago, gave testimonies, such as “It changed my life” or “It helped me very much in my personal struggle,” Portavella said, “I must be honest and admit that going through this new book does not guarantee a chaste life to anyone. Things are not that simple. Our Lord Himself has told us, ‘The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.’”

“And yet, there is a way not to stumble again: To really fall in love with Jesus Christ. But I mean to truly believe, hope, and love Him,” he noted.

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