Church continues efforts vs death penalty

Church continues efforts vs death penalty

Rodolfo Diamante, ECPPC Executive secretary

MANILA— The Catholic Church’s prison ministry saw no room for complacency when it comes to fighting the the proposed reinstatement of the death penalty in the country.

Mr. Rodolfo Diamante, executive secretary of CBCP-Commission on Prison Pastoral Care, said the growing opposition against capital punishment in the Senate gave them strength to intensify their ministry.

“We are more than ever challenged to continue making the public and our policy makers aware of the issues surrounding capital punishment,” Diamante said.

The Church’s restorative justice ministry official was reacting to Senator Franklin Drilon’s assessment that the death penalty bill is unlikely to pass the Senate.

To prove his point, he revealed that 13 of the 24 Senate members are voting against the revival of the capital punishment.

Diamante said what the Church and other organizations want is to raise awareness of arguments against the death penalty.

“We will continue our advocacy for life thru various activities like March for Life and Summit for Life,” he said.

Death penalty, he added, has failed to deter others from committing even the most heinous of crimes, as he called on supporters of the measure to consider alternatives to capital punishment.

The Church has been pushing a shift in the paradigm of justice from litigation to mediation, prosecution to healing; punishment to reform and rehabilitation; and from the retributive to the restorative.

“We will inform the people about alternatives to death penalty by adopting the restorative justice paradigm,” Diamante said. CBCPNews