Church leaders praise junking of same-sex union

Church leaders praise junking of same-sex union

By CBCP News

January 9, 2020

Manila, Philippines

Church leaders in the Philippines have welcomed a court ruling junking the same-sex union petition with “finality”.

The Supreme Court upheld an earlier decision to reject the petition that seeks to allow same-sex union in the predominantly Catholic country.

The petition, according to SC, lacked “substantial arguments” to warrant the reversal of its earlier ruling.

Bishop Broderick Pabillo, the auxiliary of Manila, praised the ruling and urged the public to instead deal on pressing issues like poverty, unemployment and climate change.

“We should focus on these (issues),” Pabillo said.

Bishop Honesto Ongtioco of Cubao said the Church will always uphold the teachings of Jesus regarding marriage, regardless of what the state legislates.

“At least the SC still upholds what the Church teaches,” he said.

For his part, Fr. Melvin Castro, a former official of the bishops’ family and life ministry, said joy over the court decision is “incomplete”.

The SC said that the Constitution does not explicitly prohibit same-sex marriage.

“It leaves open for Congress to enact such a law,” Castro said.

The priest also said that the SC decision “challenges us to be vigilant and ever-on guard.”