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‘Church reminds us about what we value’

‘Church reminds us about what we value’

Some 5,000 singles from all over the world converged at the Western State University in this city from Feb. 17 to 19 for the 24th CFC – Singles for Christ International Conference. (Photo: SFC Global)

ILOILO City – Amid issues like extrajudicial killings and the proposed reimposition of the death penalty, movements like CFC- Singles for Christ rally behind the Church hierarchy’s call to counter the culture of death.

In an interview with SFC international coordinator, Noli Manuel, he affirmed that initiatives and events that gather the lay faithful for a cause continuously remind the faithful about what the community stands for.

“When the Church calls us to gather, constantly it gives community members the consciousness to value the things that we stand for,” he said.

“To some, they say we just walk, but it’s the coming together, regardless of the number that matters, its the coming together for a cause: and that is to pray,” said the lay missionary, commenting on the recently held “Walk for Life” on Feb. 18 at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila.

“We value life, we individually and as a community, value life because life comes from God, and we being stewards of this beautiful life that we have, we ought to protect it,” added Manuel, who used to serve as a missionary in the Middle east.

For SFC International Conference (ICON) 2017 event head and SFC Metro Manila head Jeremy Quimpang, prayer and action go hand in hand, in terms of showing solidarity with the pro-life movement.

“Aside from prayers, through action we can influence people and show them our conviction towards the importance of life, we know that life is a gift,” he said.

Stressing that SFC ICON delegates should live out their calling as Christians, San Ildefonso parish priest Fr. Ian Rosal, SDB, who gave the SFC ICON 2017 workshop entitled “Credo”, stressed that every person should be given chances to change for the better.

“After these days, of the ICON, where we got in touch with Christ, I expect the delegates to be all out for Christ and to live out our Christ-life calling so that we may truly become the body of Christ to the world,” said the 42-year old, who used to be a member of CFC – Youth for Christ before entering the seminary.

“Since we always value life and all of us are living because of the breath of God in each of us we have to respect every life, and take care of it,” he added.

Some 21 countries were represented at the international event held at the Western State University in this city from Feb. 17 to 19.