Civil-wed couple tie knot in church after 10 years

Civil-wed couple tie knot in church after 10 years

The couple Jenette and Napoleon Ruedas with their children after the nuptial rites at Our Mother of Perpetual Help Church in Tacloban City, Dec. 9, 2017. EILEEN BALLESTEROS

TACLOBAN City, Leyte – Despite having wed in civil rites a decade ago, the thought of having their union blessed by God in a church wedding never left the hearts of Jenette and Nap Ruedas.

Now blessed with three lovely kids and a happy home, this is exactly what they did on Dec. 9, a day after the feast of the Immaculate Conception, at Our Mother of Perpetual Help Church in this city.

With their respective careers blossoming that enabled them to save for a church wedding, Jenette and Nap set their marriage in December, a day after the Feast of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception.

Christmassy wedding

In an interview, Jenette shared that all along she knew that something important was missing from their marriage to make it truly grace-filled: the blessing from God through the Holy Mother Church.

“For us, we feel incomplete without receving our Lord’s blessing to our marriage life, to our family,” said the bride.

It wouldn’t be long before Jenette and Nap decided to wed in a more solemn ceremony in church on the tenth anniversary of their civil wedding, Jenette’s dream of a Christmassy church wedding came true.

“Part of our strong faith as Roman Catholic. We believe in the sacrament of wedding,” Jenette said when asked why they pushed through with a church wedding when a civil one is as legally binding.

‘Forever exists’

Jenette disclosed that her husband’s family experience was a crucial factor that motivated them to set their sights on a church wedding.

“He said his parents used to fight a lot and almost become a broken family. His parents finally had the church wedding when Nap was in Grade 2. Henceforth, he felt their relationship became better,” she shared.

Nap and Jenette strongly believe that communication is the ultimate factor that makes a marriage work.

“Everything should be talked about, open up everything; whether if it is a problem. No secrets,” they explained.

While jaded millennials believe “There is no forever!”, Jenette and Nap believe otherwise.

“Yes, I believe in ‘forever’…It lies [in] how two people manage their relationship. I believe that in every problem, there are solutions, we just have to talk it over, giving up easily and walk away from your relationship is being weak; it is not love at all,” said Jenette.

Love of Christ

This was further affirmed by Fr. Amadeo Alvero, former social communications director of the Archdiocese of Palo, who presided over the wedding.

“In Christ, there is forever,” stressed the parish priest of Abuyog town in Leyte during the homily.

“What makes married couple joyful? It is the love of Christ,” he added as Jenette Fariola-Ruedas of ABS-CBN Tacloban and her businessman-husband Napoleon exchanged marital vows in front of God. CBCPNews