Clergy retreat aims to offer a fresh perspective in priestly ministry

Clergy retreat aims to offer a fresh perspective in priestly ministry

Fr. Mickey Cardenas

October 25, 2019

Manila, Philippines

In line with the celebration of the Year of the Youth, the Theological Centrum is organizing a retreat for diocesan priests.

With the theme “A Fresh Perspective … Celebrating Youthfulness in the Priestly Ministry”, the retreat will be held at the Tagaytay Conference Center in Mendez, Cavite, from Nov. 18 to 21.

Together with the usual daily activities, this year’s retreat will feature Ging Igual, a licensed Emotional Quotient (EQ) trainer, who will give a conference on “Dealing with and managing one’s emotions in the priestly ministry”.

Presenting the rationale for the conference Igual said, “Dealing with the motions and emotions in the daily life of a priest is often not discuss, or even at times avoided.”

However, she said the abuse scandals that the Church is facing with blame, shame and pain among priests, the laity, and the community “remain to be a growing concern for everyone.”

“This is when the sorrow,  pain, and anguish of contradictions, confusion, conflicts, complexities and dismal docility  to God’s voice settle in where all our hopes and dreams start to dim,  giving us  the greatest challenge on how do we create balance and renewed sense of meaning to get back on track towards a life of holiness,” Igual explained.

The EQ expert’s objective is to help priests “learn and understand how emotions can hurt, harm and heal and, in the process, gain insights and learn quick fixes to deal effectively with life situations for better self-awareness and self-management.”

Quoting Pope Francis in his letter to priests on the feast of Saint John Mary Vianney, “Our humble repentance, expressed in silent tears before these atrocious sins and the unfathomable grandeur of God’s forgiveness, is the beginning of a renewal of our holiness.”

‘To be ever-renewed in Christ’

Established in 1985, Theological Centrum is an initiative of priests of the Prelature of Opus Dei, with the support of professional men and women, which aims to support the ongoing formation of priests and seminarians in the local churches.

Theological Centrum organizes activities for priests and seminarians all over the country, such as retreats and recollections, conferences on philosophy and theology, and yearly seminars for priests and seminarians.

The Centrum also offers publications such as newsletters and books for spiritual reading and the ecclesiastical sciences.

Priests who would like to receive more information about the retreat may contact the office manager, Noriezhen John Basilio, at Theological Centrum: email or fax (02) 8634-85-90.