Contractualization exploits workers ‘to highest level’ — Church labor group

Contractualization exploits workers  ‘to highest level’ — Church labor group

By CBCP News

April 30, 2019

Manila, Philippines

The lack of government’s will to end contractualization has allowed workers to be exploited ‘to the maximum level’, an ecumenical church-labor group said.

The Church People-Workers Solidarity (CWS) said that workers’ rights continue to suffer with the continued practice of labor-only contracting.

“We have witnessed how contractualization and other forms of flexible work arrangements exploited the workers to the maximum level and extract huge profits from the sweat and blood of the workers,” the CWS said in a statement for Labor Day.

Employers use contractualization to cut labor costs by not hiring regular workers, thus giving them no security of tenure.

According to Ibon Foundation, 90 percent of the Filipino workforce are contractual which also means that the wages are pressed down to the lowest level.

But instead of listening to the voices of workers, the CWS said that it is “alarming” that the government instead use “brute force”.

The Center for Trade Union and Human Rights documented around 16,000 workers whose rights were violated as regards to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

The CTUHR also recorded at least 109 cases of civil and political rights violations affecting 7,000 workers from 2016 to 2018.

While the Global Workers’ Rights Index, a report of the International trade Union Confederation in 2018, noted the Philippines as among the top 10 worst countries in terms of repressing workers’ rights.

Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo said that this situation of workers runs against the principles of the church regarding social justice.

“The workers have long been demanding for security of tenure. End contractualization!” Pabillo said.

Created in 2011, the CWS is an interfaith body composed of bishops, clergy, nuns, lay leaders and workers organizations.