COVID-19: Filipinos in Rome invoke intercession of ‘La Virgen Milagrosa de Badoc’

COVID-19: Filipinos in Rome invoke intercession of ‘La Virgen Milagrosa de Badoc’

Bishop Renato Mayugba of Laoag presents replicas of “La Virgen Milagrosa de Badoc” to Pope Francis at the Vatican on May 20, 2019. VATICAN MEDIA

By Buena Luz

March 17, 2020

Rome, Italy

It has been days since the start of the national lockdown for the whole of Italy that Filipinos in Rome have been pleading the intercession of “La Virgen Milagrosa de Badoc” to stop the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 Virus.

Filipino migrants are praying the novena to the Miraculous Virgin since Sunday, March 15, sixth day of the lockdown.

Cynthia de la Cruz, former Coordinator of Sacro Cuore di Gesù Filipino Community has spearheaded the online novena. Filipinos in Rome follow her daily Facebook posts and do their prayer privately or as a family in home confinement.

“I have been receiving favors through her intercession. With that, I thought of turning to her and ask that this present crisis be stopped. I believe her coming to Europe carries a great mission and that is to bring Europe back to Faith,” De la Cruz explained.

“May the end of the pandemic, through her intercession, become a concrete sign for Italians to realize that faith in God alone can contain insurmountable human odds. This became my motive to stir fellow Filipino migrants to prayer by posting everyday the novena’s daily intentions,” she said.

A small replica of La Virgen Milagrosa de Badoc was brought by Bishop Renato Mayugba of Laoag at the Basilica di Santa Pudenziana, the National Church of Filipinos in Rome, last year. Since then, the image had been visiting Filipino houses until it was brought back to the basilica before the lockdown.

History recalls that when the Ilocos region in the Philippines was struck by epidemics the help of the miraculous image was sought. It was recorded that in 1656 and 1660, the image was brought to Vigan that her presence would quell the crisis in that epidemic-stricken town.

The chronicle states: “The believers, though drained by anguish, offered prayers and simple gifts which the compassionate Celestial Patroness repaid with bountiful showers of temporal and spiritual favors.”

As of this posting, Italy remains to be the most affected country outside of China, with 1,809 deaths out of 24,747 cases.

With the daily increase of infected individuals, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that Italian health facilities may not be enough to accommodate more cases. For this, it is necessary to apply criteria for access to intensive treatment.

Some doctors have also figured out about making life-or-death decisions on who can be treated and who may effectively be left to die.

An Italian physician has described: “A patient’s fate is decided by age and health conditions.”

He added, “This is how it is in a war.” With this, if the situation worsens, those patients above 80 years would not be accorded with intensive care.