Cubao diocese mobilizes for ‘Walk for Life’

MANILA, Feb. 14, 2017– Bishop Honest Ongtioco of Cubao has urged his flock to stand together and rally against extrajudicial killings and the death penalty.

In a video message, he urged the diocese’s different parishes, schools, religious congregations and organizations to “come out” and join the “Walk for Life” at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila on Feb. 18.

“We cannot remain silent when extrajudicial killings rampage in our streets, when death penalties again being revived, and when the unborn remains unprotected,” Ongtioco said.

He reiterated that since “life is gift from our Creator,” people are God’s stewards called to care for the life given them.

“It is therefore our task to uphold and protect it. It is therefore imperative that we oppose everything that is anti-life,” said Ongtioco.

“Let us come together for life, for peace, for God and for our country,” he added.

Various lay Church organizations are expected to take the streets on Saturday to show their rejection of the wave of summary killings and attempts to revive the capital punishment in the country.

Organized by the Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas, its president, Zenaida Capistrano, the prayer rally is one of the opportunities for lay people to show that they care for others, especially the poor.

“We have all the chances to do what is expected of us. Let us express to the government our real sentiments. Let us go out and tell them that we are against this culture of death,” she said.

Capistrano also said those planning to attend are encouraged to bring their own slogan-bearing placards, banners, as well as white flaglets and ribbons to echo their call for the protection of life. (CBCPNews)