DOCAT Filipino edition now available

DOCAT Filipino edition now available

English and Tagalog editions of DOCAT SKY ORTIGAS

QUEZON CITY – In solidarity and answer to the “Pope Fancis Dream: One Million for the Pope campaign,” DOCAT Filipino Edition was officially launched Oct. 20, Friday, at the Henry Lee Irwin SJ Theatre of Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU), Katipunan.

“It’s goal is not only to speak our own Filipino language but to speak our situation, our mind, our heart, our struggles, our aspirations as Filipinos,” Fr. Richard Lagos, YOUCAT PH director, said in an interview.

With the aim to reach more Filipinos, the Tagalog version assists those who have no access or capacity to [understand] the English language.

“If Jesus is the content of DOCAT, to have a DOCAT Filipino is a way of expressing Jesus in hands and feet, in the eyes and ears of every Filipino youth,” added the priest.

The international launch of DOCAT during World Youth Day 2016 in Kraków, Poland paved the way for the official start of the “Pope’s Dream” campaign, which aims to gather millions of people who are immersed in the social teachings of the Church.

The movement was drawn from words uttered by the Holy Father himself in the DOCAT foreword: “I wish I had a million young Christians or, even better, a whole generation who are for their contemporaries ‘walking, talking social doctrine.’

Tool for social transformation

San Jose Bishop Roberto Mallari, chair of the Episcopal Commission on Catechesis and Catholic Education of CBCP, made the presentation of the DOCAT Filipino version while challenging the audience to “make the revolution of love a reality.”

“DOCAT is an adaptation of the social doctrine of the Church. This book answers the question: ‘what should we do’ and serves as manual on how to change the world, and ourselves,” explained the prelate.

“A Christian today, that is not revolutionary, is not Christian… Pope Francis aims to have 1 million people walking and talking DOCAT, and we call everyone to answer the call towards this social change,” he added.

For all

Prior to the program and DOCAT launching, a press conference was held at the Center for Culinary Arts, Manila, 287 Katipunan Ave., Loyola Heights, Quezon City, where further plans on the dissemination of these tools were discussed.

“Why we have DOCAT is because Pope Francis started a social reformation. DOCAT and YOUCAT are just tools to attain this,” Lagos explained at the press conference.

“There are already schools using this tool, there is a university using DOCAT for grades 11 and 12. We also utilize this tool through giving formation. The language of DOCAT is simple and direct and is not limited to be for youth – DOCAT is for all,“ the YOUCAT director added. CBCPNews