‘Don’t be ashamed of your humble beginnings,” bishop tells priests

‘Don’t be ashamed of your humble beginnings,” bishop tells priests

Three men lie prostrate during their ordination as priests at the San Nicolas de Tolentino Cathedral in Tandag City on Nov. 26, 2022. SCREEN GRAB FROM FACEBOOK/DIOCESE OF TANDAG

By CBCP News

December 2, 2022

Manila, Philippines

A Catholic bishop from a southern diocese recently ordained new priests with an emotional reminder: emulate Christ in simplicity.

Bishop Raul Dael of Tandag told the priests that simplicity and not through grand means will sustain their priestly ministry.

“Never forget the village, never forget your humble beginnings, and do not be ashamed of your humble beginnings,” Dael said in his homily at the San Nicolas de Tolentino Cathedral on Nov. 26.

The bishop went on to warn the three men – Glendelmark Orillaneda, Dennis Rey Ortojan, and Johnrey Orzales – against the perils of worldly ambition and love of money.

He also advised the men of the cloth not to think of acquiring property but rely on God who would never abandon them.

“Do not allow yourselves to be enslaved by money, worldliness and power. Always take good care of that simplicity that only seeks the Lord,” Dael said.

Reflecting on Pope Francis’ call for synodality, he asked the new priests to allow active lay participation in their apostolate.

According to him, the Church is more alive if priests would allow lay people to share their gifts “to the community of Christ where there is simplicity, silence and personal encounter”.

“Journey with the people… do not separate yourselves from the village where you see simplicity of the people,” the prelate added.

“Many times people do not listen to us because we are far from them,” he said. “Do not forget the village, remain simple, spend time in silence, and develop personal encounters with God and His people.”


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