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Saving private schools

Education is one of the most essential needs that cannot be placed at the backburner even in times of pandemic

Let’s grow in our Marian devotion

It’s May again, and we are reminded to turn our mind and heart to the most beautiful, blessed, divinely honored woman in the whole universe, none other than our Our Lady, “Mater Dei et mater nostra,” the Mother of God and our mother.

The joy of Easter

We have every reason to be most happy when we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Let’s hope that when we greet each other, ‘Happy Easter,’ we would really mean it and know what is behind that greeting.

Religious Services are essential services

After 5 weeks of quarantine, decision makers are now talking about the lifting of the lock down, either completely, or in a mitigated way, or only in some areas.

When in a crisis

Definitely, when we are in some especially difficult situation like what we are having nowadays with the coronavirus pandemic, we should band together, close ranks and help one another in any way we can.

Church in action

True to the Gospel, the Catholic church is not wont to parading its good deeds. 

Fear, panic, paranoia

Fear, of course, is one of our emotions. It is our natural reaction when we perceive something to be a danger to us or is so incomprehensible that we feel helpless. Fear is one of our natural and instantaneous defense mechanisms.

Corona virus silver lining

Black clouds signify dark and even stormy times are coming. But at the edge of the dark clouds one can see a silver lining which show that not everything is black and behind the darkness there is the sun shining.

When education fails

When need to have a clear idea of what makes authentic education and what makes it fail.

The Kaliwa Dam solution

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines came up with a rather strong statement clamoring to stop the Kaliwa Dam project.