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Faithful reminded: ‘Study Bible to know Jesus’

Faithful reminded: ‘Study Bible to know Jesus’

Fr. Peter Tran Xuan Vu, SVD talks about the true goal of Bible studies which is to know Jesus more, during one of the lectures of an ongoing four-month theology course at the Catholic Lay Institute. KATYA SANTOS

By Katya Santos

Oct. 27, 2018

Puerto Princesa City

Ninety-two faithful, who have enrolled in Biblical studies at the newly-opened Catholic Lay Institute, realize that the goal of studying the Bible is to know Jesus even more.

“To know Jesus, is the main objective on why we need to study the Bible. We need to proclaim that it offers salvation for all,” Fr. Peter Tran Xuan Vu, SVD, who gave the lectures, told the students who began a four-month theology course on Oct. 23.

The priest also stressed the importance of humility in studying the Bible. “The more that you learn, the more that you need to be ‘embracing’ to all,” he said, explaining that one must not draw boundaries just because one has more theological or academic training.

‘Teaching arm’

The students, who are mostly leaders of different parish pastoral council, religious organizations and ministries in the Vicariate of Puerto Princesa, will take the second part of the course on Oct. 30, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

The formal class started on Oct. 9, with Fr. Eugene Elivera, chairman of the institute, giving a lecture on “Revelation and Faith.”
The vicariate launched the AVPP Institute of Faith, Values & Mission or Pasonaid on Sept. 24 as the “teaching arm” of the Office of Bishop Socrates Mesiona.

Empowering lay people

“I noticed during my pastoral visits that our lay servants are ‘hungry’ with the explanation about our Faith,” he said in a pastoral letter.

The prelate said that through the institute, “we will empower our lay to be the back-up of our priests in evangelization later on.”

Other subjects to be discussed every Tuesdays are:

  • Sacraments,
  • Ecclesiology,
  • Apologetics,
  • Christology,
  • Canon Law & Marriage,
  • Ecumenism and Inter-Religious Dialogue

Mesiona will give lectures on “Mission and Prayer” for the last two sessions in February 2019.