Faithful reminded: Imitate your intercessor saints

Faithful reminded: Imitate your intercessor saints

Iba Bishop-elect Bartolome Santos delivers a homily during the second day of the Obando Fertility Dance Festival, May 18, 2018. GETHSEMANI CINDY GOROSPE

By Luke Godoy

May 22, 2018


A newly-ordained bishop reminds the faithful that when asking for the intercession of the saints, they must be ready to follow their examples first.

“Before we say our intentions, before we call to our patron saints, we must first imitate them,” said Iba bishop-elect Bartolome Santos, Jr. during his homily at the San Pascual Baylon Parish in Obando, Bulacan on May 18, on the second day of the annual Fertility Dance Festival.

“I assure you: if we emulate the life of our patron saints… our prayers will be answered at once.” he said.

Remembering the poor

Santos emphasized the life of St. Clare of Assisi, the saint honored commemorated on the second day of the three-day festival. He explained that everyone must do their best to follow the example of St. Clare, who gave up her a lavish lifestyle in exchange for serving the poor.

“When we ask for the intercession of St. Clare, let us also look into ourselves,” said the bishop. “Perhaps we have treasures as well. Perhaps we have talents as well. Do not forget about the poor. Let us do what St. Clare did. Or maybe, we have physical beauty, or even kindness; let us lift them up to the Lord.”

“[St. Clare] did not offer her beauty to any man… Instead, she offered it to the Lord, who gave it to her in the first place,” the prelate added.

Honoring of 3 saints

Furthermore, Santos said the Lord “will always listen” to the prayers of those who follow the footsteps of the saints.

“That’s why it is not surprising why when we pray to God through St. Claire’s intercession, they will be answered. Why not, now that she’s with the Lord?” he said.

The Obando Fertility Dance Festival, celebrated every May 17 to 19, is a religious celebration where childless couples dance in prayer to beg for the intercession of the town’s triumvirate saints: St. Paschal Baylon, St. Claire of Assisi, and Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception of Salambao.