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Faithful reminded: ‘Life is meaningless without God’

Faithful reminded: ‘Life is meaningless without God’

Fr. Xavier Balbuena of St. Peter Parish Shrine of Leaders encouraged the faithful to spend more time with God, during a Mass on New Year’s Eve, Dec.31, 2017. PHOYO BY MINNIE AGDEPPA

By Minnie Agdeppa

January 2, 2018

Quezon City

A local priest elaborated on the Blessed Virgin Mary’s role of reminding the faithful about how life has no true meaning apart from God, during a Mass on the eve of the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God on Dec. 31.

“In Mary’s life, the one thing she can not go without is God. This is why she is the ‘God Bearer,'” said Fr. Xavier Balbuena, a guest priest at St. Peter Parish Shrine of Leaders along Commonwealth Avenue in this city. “For Mary, if there was no God, life will have no meaning, no sense, and no value.”

According to Balbuena, it is only when a person lives in the presence of God can he find meaning. “Man’s life loses its meaning without God.”

Mary, the ‘God-Bearer’

“People nowadays have come to think that ‘I will be happy, I will be successful even without God… I can live life even without God!’ But is that so? Mary tells us, ‘No! And it can never be.'”

The Blessed Virgin Mary’s title as Mother of God, which means “God-Bearer”, he said suggests that “she always lived with the presence of God.”

He also noted that the very name “Emmanuel,” which means “God is with us” actually instructs Christians to “live in the presence of God.” Balbuena lamented the reality that people nowadays have more time for the non-essentials than for God.

“You have a lot of time for Facebook. You have a lot of time for your cellphone. You have a lot of time for you wall. You have a lot of time for your work. You have a lot of time to engage in rumor-mongering. You have a lot of time for drinking bouts. Yet your time for God is very little. That cannot be!” he stressed.

Best New Year’s resolution

The priest emphasized the need to have more time for God and to become a contemplative like Mary who “pondered everything in her heart”– two virtues he hoped the faithful could resolve to do this 2018.

“That’s why I hope that these are the first things we desire to do this 2018: I have to spend more time with God…in prayer. That’s the most beautiful New Year’s Resolution,” Balbuena added.

“I also hope that you would put in your mind and heart that ‘life can only be lived meaningfully if our life is lived in the presence of God. Having God in our life makes life meaningful and worth living,'” he ended before asking those present to seek the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary for these graces in the coming year.


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