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Faithful reminded: ‘You can’t do good alone’

Faithful reminded: ‘You can’t do good alone’

Through youth-oriented talks and activities, Bukal ng Tipan, one of the groups in charge of the tracks, taught delegates of the 4th Philippine Congress on New Evangelization “how to commune with different kinds of communities.” ANGEL MEMORANDO

MANILA – People are essentially relational and need a community to be good and to do good.

This was the main message of Bukal ng Tipan facilitator Rusty Mendoza during the youth tracks during the recently concluded 4th Philippine Conference on New Evangelization held at the UST Quadricentennial Pavilion.

“We may not understand the things were doing right now but God wants to tell us that it is important to have a community because we cannot do good things alone,” he explained.

God doesn’t need service

The Bukal ng Tipan facilitator also noted that in serving, the faithful need to belong to a community.

“God wants you to do good things to other people. He doesn’t need it anyway for he is already the God,” Mendoza added.

“Time will come [when] we will be confused why we’re doing this why we serve the Church, why we serve each other, and time will come we will get tired. But I realized [now] that the reason why I serve is because it’s the universal law to serve one another,” he said during an interview with CBCPNews.

Mendoza, a full-time worker of Bukal ng Tipan, explained the whole context of the youth tracks in an interview, saying “The whole track leads to the realization of what the Lord wants to say to us.”

Making room for others

“Tag along, make room for the less fortunate, the poorest of the poor, the marginalized communities, especially the pushers, the drug addicts,” he said. “…(L)astly, promote a sense of belongingness given by the tribe [or small group] we belong to.”

The other concurrent tracks tackled parishes, social justice, and environment.

PCNE 4 was held from July 28 to 30 and gathered 6,000 lay people, clergy, religious men and women, and youth from the Philippines and other countries. Angel Memorando/CBCPNews