Faithful told: ‘Sacraments more important than sacramentals’

Faithful told: ‘Sacraments more important than sacramentals’

Caption: Fr. Jun Meneses, Mary Magdalene parish priest in Pililla Rizal blesses religious images before the Good Friday procession. CHRISTINE PAGUIRIGAN

By Christine Paguirigan

April 2, 2018

Pililla, Rizal

Thousands of faithful were reminded before a Good Friday procession that “the sacramental, the devotion of processions during Holy Week, should push the people to love the sacraments more.”

Fr. Jun Meneses, parish priest of Mary Magdalene Parish in Pililla, told the faithful that the “procession we do annually, it is our devotion, but this must push us to love the Sacraments more.”

“The Triduum Mass is very important, the commemoration of the washing of the feet, remembering Christ’s suffering and death, and most importantly celebrating the Resurrection – those are sacraments,” he said.

In simple terms, the priest explained that the other sacramental activities or devotions are important, but they should all lead to a deeper love of the Sacraments.

The priest also invited everyone to attend the Easter vigil Mass, encouraging them to fill the Church and the patio.

“It is a joy that this many people fill the patio of the parish tonight [for the procession], I hope this many people also attend our Easter vigil celebration,” the priest noted.

“The Easter vigil Mass is the season’s highlight, we remember Christ’s resurrection” he added.

Prusisyon ng mga Santo has been a significant part of the Filipino observance of Holy Week.

A total of 51 images of saints and of Jesus’ Passion and death were brought out in procession around the town.

The walk started at 7:00 p.m., ending at 10:00 p.m.