Gov’t told: ‘Filipinos aren’t a lost cause’

Gov’t told: ‘Filipinos aren’t a lost cause’

Some 4,700 young people attend the CFC – YFC International Conference 2015 in Surigao. CFC-YFC

MANILA – With the death penalty bill still at the Senate committee level, a youth group has objected to what many perceive as the Duterte administration’s seemingly unstoppable push for the reimposition of the death penalty, saying it can mean only one thing: Filipinos are hopeless cases.

“Passing the death penalty is as good as saying that the Filipino people is a hopeless case—that we are not capable of conversion,” said the international youth group CFC – Youth for Christ in a statement released March 22.
In statement entitled “Life-giving justice not deadly revenge”, the youth ministry arm of Couples for Christ (CFC) challenged the Duterte administration to bring about “positive and influential change in the country.”

‘Sworn mandate’

CFC-YFC, which boasts thousands of members in 110 countries all over the world, wishes to direct the government’s focus away from pushing what many believe to be the Duterte administration’s pet bill and towards rehabilitation of erring members of society.

According to the international youth group, it is should be the government’s “sworn mandate to improve the quality of life rendering death penalty unnecessary.”

“It is … more becoming of a government to help their citizens in their moral transformation rather than putting an end to their life,” added the group. “Killing a person through capital punishment will take away the opportunity of the person to repent and change.”

Justice not revenge

Not overlooking the need for justice, CFC-YFC noted, however, that capital punishment is a “call to revenge” and not justice.
“We want the young people to continue in valuing life no matter how deformed and depraved it may be. We want to teach the young people not to [seek] revenge but to promote transformative justice for everyone,” said the group.

The “culture of life-giving justice,” said CFC-YFC, and not of deadly revenge, is the culture young people should learn and live by. “If we focus on revenge, we can never find peace.”

CFC-YFC is one of the Family Ministries of CFC, along with CFC-Kids for Christ, CFC-Singles for Christ, Handmaids of the Lord, and Servants of the Lord. CBCPNews