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Gumaca’s Youth Cross visits parishes, schools during pilgrimage

Gumaca’s Youth Cross visits parishes, schools during pilgrimage

The ongoing Youth Cross Pilgrimage is preparing the young people of the Diocese of Gumaca for the upcoming Year of the Youth.

By Mervil Jilo V. Merjudio

Oct. 23, 2018

Lopez, Quezon

In preparation for the upcoming Year of the Youth, the Diocesan Commission on Youth of the Diocese of Gumaca organized the Youth Cross Pilgrimage 2018, which has visited 16 parishes and scores of schools and institutions to date.

The young people of the diocese organized the event as part of a three-year program to mark the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Christianity in the Philippines.

With the theme, ‘Who do you say that I am?’, the pilgrimage aims to encourage young people in the diocese “to know Christ better and to deepen their relationship with Him.”

Parish youth leaders, together with the young people of San Diego de Alcala Cathedral parish, gathered on July 17 at Gumaca West Central school to undergo formation during the pilgrimage.

The next day, Gumaca Bishop Victor C. Ocampo, DD presided over a Eucharistic celebration at the said church to formally launch the pilgrimage.

Youth leaders, with the help of their respective Parish Pastoral Councils, spearhead the transfer of the Cross from parish to parish and within the different jurisdictions. They also give talks, facilitate the formation programs, lead dances, and organize prayer sessions and other activities during the Youth Cross’ parish visits.

The pilgrimage will continue until February 2019 just before the 34th anniversary of the diocese and the formal launching of the Year of the Youth.

The Youth Cross was originally brought to the different parishes during the diocese’s celebration of Year of God the Son in 2008, in anticipation of the diocese’s silver anniversary.