Hangzhou Catholics put pope’s encyclical into practice

HANGZHOU, Dec 23, 2016–In response to the appeal of the pope’s encyclical on environment Laudato si, parishioners of eastern Hangzhou Diocese in eastern China held a charity bazaar to spread environmental awareness among Catholics.

The charity bazaar was held by the Catholic social service group of Hangzhou Diocese at the square of the Immaculate Conception Church on Dec. 18.

“We will send the 3,000 yuan (US$432) we raised and 11 other boxes of commodities to two Catholic NGOs in northern Hebei province for the needy they serve. It will be Christmas by the time they receive the gifts,” Tu Chun, one of the organizers, told ucanews.com.

The bazaar was result of earlier discussions among some enthusiastic Catholics about creative ideas for evangelization and for the promotion of environmental protection, he said.

“We are not only doing philanthropy, it is also a learning activity, for which parishioners could live out awareness on environmental protection,” he said.

Another organizer Maria Jin said it was the first time that they have had a donation drive in the diocese.

“The activities were promoted through bulletin boards, using social media to promote the reduction of paper use,” she said.

The group collected 300 re-usable items, including clothing, electronic products, books and other items to sell in the bazaar, Tu noted.

“Some friends shared that the bazaar also made them reflect on their consumption habits,” Tu added. (UCAN)