It’s better to be loved than feared, says Cardinal Tagle

It’s better to be loved than feared, says Cardinal Tagle

Cardinal Tagle prays with Benedictine Fr. Austin Cadiz as he lies prostate in the floor in the most solemn part of his installation as the new abbot of the Abbey of Our Lady of Montserrat Manila, March 10, 2018. ROY LAGARDE

By Roy Lagarde

March 13, 2018

MANILA, Philippines

The head of Manila’s Roman Catholic Church has cautioned “servants” who act like “masters”, saying that too often such action leads to impropriety.

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle said all Christians are called to be servants by staying “connected” to Christ and doing what He would do in their place.

“The moment Jesus disappears you might become that steward who will pretend to be the master. And when someone pretend to be the master it’s not anymore responsible actions, instead abusive actions,” Tagle said.

And abusive servants, he stressed, are feared and those responsible are loved.

“The superior must be loved, not feared. Many of our so-called servants are feared but not loved. You wonder whether they are real servants,” he said.

The cardinal made the statement in his homily during the installation Mass for Benedictine Fr. Austin Cadiz as the new abbot of Our Lady Montserrat Abbey in Manila on March 10.

According to him, a true servant is someone who will remain faithful to the task “even if the master is away”.

“In the mind and heart of a true servant the master is always present. There is never a moment when the true servant will say ‘I am alone, the master cannot see me so I can do what I want… no!’” he said.

Elected last Feb. 21, Cadiz is the eighth head of the Benedictine monks’ community in Manila and the fourth Filipino abbot.