Kape’t Pandesal marks 14 years

Kape’t Pandesal marks 14 years

Kape’t Pandesal co-host Fr. Nono Alfonso, SJ


Nov. 4, 2018


Jesuit Communication Foundation’s (JesCom) daily prayer and reflection program Kape’t Pandesal recently marked its 14th anniversary in October, after a journey that began more than a decade ago.

“It is quite overwhelming. 14 years is a lifetime for any TV show,” said JesCom executive director Fr. Nono Alfonso SJ, “We are jubilant and yet humbled by its success. And we can only thank God because this is all grace!”

Speaking of God’s grace, Alfonso’s entry into the Kape’t Pandesal family was “a pleasant surprise” in itself.

Last minute change

“First of all, I was never meant to be part of the Kape Team. (Xavier School chaplain) Fr. Xavier Olin backed out from the show because he said that he was a shy person; so last minute they needed a talent and got me out of desperation. But it worked, so they retained me,” shared the priest.

Ever since his serendipitous inclusion in the Kape’t Pandesal fold, “lasting memories and countless heartwarming gestures” abounded for the young priest.

“The feedback we get from viewers is overwhelming. I was just approached recently by a young TV reporter and told me that he watched Kape since he was a child and whenever he felt down, it was Kape who would lift up his spirit. Wow!” he exclaimed.

Like the parable of the seed

“Teachers in schools, we are told, use Kape for their morning prayer with their class; Filipino communities abroad asked our permission as well to play Kape in their community radios. To think that sometimes, we thought we were just wasting air time. But like the parable of the seed that grows even without the farmer knowing it, Kape has grown and touched lives despite our doubts,” added Alfonso.

Apart from his personal story, he shared his appreciation for the “unique bond” he has developed with his fellow Kape’t Pandesal hosts, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Fr. Jboy Gonzales, Rissa Singson-Kawpeng, and Fr. Ernald Andal.

“… (T)he team quite represents the many sectors of the Church. We are their voices, and that makes us really Catholic or universal,” explained Alfonso.

Kape ambassadors

As Kape’t Pandesal opens a new chapter in its mission of evangelization, the priest shared his vision for the show in the age of digitalization.

“Ever since the digital age got underway, social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook have become new avenues or platforms for TV shows. Although we already broadcast Kape in these, we are limited though by the (Tagalog) language we use. YouTube and Facebook of course cater to an international audience and so we need either Kape’t or a version of it to be done in English so we can tap the bigger international audience,” said Alfonso.

“Secondly, we want to become more creative, so we would like to tap new talents to be Kape ambassadors to the world,” he continued.