Korean Catholics help train Myanmar teachers

Korean Catholics help train Myanmar teachers
The One Body One Spirit Movement, a Korean Catholic NGO, is helping Myanmar teachers learn how to give an individualized curriculum. UCANEWS.COM

The One Body One Spirit Movement, a Seoul Archdiocesan non-governmental organization for overseas aid, is training teachers in Myanmar to help children there get a chance to enter mainstream society.

To fund the project, the NGO has collected some 76 million won (US$66,000). With this fund, the organization will continue its project in Myanmar that has suffered seven decades of civil war.

“I’m very happy to be a more qualified teacher and to have been trained to give education to fit the personalized needs of the children. The program has helped me grow to be a better teacher,” said Monica, a participant in program.

Myanmar’s public education system was ruined during the long military regime. To make matters worse, its government dispatches teachers after only three months of training. In addition, the teachers often avoid poor or remote areas.

“Myanmar children are alienated from the public education system and find it hard to express their thoughts and feelings and to find a way to earn a living. Good teachers are essential and so more support is needed for this project,” said actor, Teresa Lee In-hye, a goodwill ambassador for the One Body One Spirit Movement.