Korean diocese establishes social evangelization movement

SEOUL, Jan 20, 2017–Suwon Diocese in Gyeonggi-do province plans to encourage social evangelization with the 3PLUS Movement, a program aimed to help local Catholics love their neighbors.

The Social Evangelization Department of the diocese began the movement recently to encourage Catholics to share their wealth, time and talent with their neighbors.

The diocese will provide a venue for the faithful to share their belongings. It also launched the More Scholarship program to help young people from difficult backgrounds.

Unlike other scholarship programs that operate by collecting large donations, More Scholarship will operate on small individual donations from members of the diocese.

“By practicing the 3PLUS Movement, I hope the faithful will experience God through helping our neighbors and joining together,” said Father John Choi Byoung-jo, social evangelization director of the diocese. “Through small donations and sharing we can make a more beautiful world,” he said. (UCAN)