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Bishop on Mayon eruption: ‘Pray it doesn’t worsen’

Bishop on Mayon eruption: ‘Pray it doesn’t worsen’

Mayon continues to emit volcanic ash and smoke as thousands flee to evacuation center. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE DIOCESE OF LEGAZPI

MANILA – With Mayon volcano currently on Alert Level 3, meaning “increased tendency towards hazardous eruption,” Legazpi Bishop Joel Baylon reminds the faithful to take necessary precautions and pray the eruption subsides.

“Let us just remember that this is part of Mayon’s habit… She erupts every 8 to 10 years… usually when the “8” of the decade comes. We only pray that this does not get worse,” said the prelate, who has a clear view of the volcano from his veranda at the Bishop’s residence, also known as Harong Kan Ama (House/Home of the Father), in Daraga, Albay.

He also called on the faithful to “obey evacuation orders and lend support if you can, especially those near [evacuation] centers.”

“Keep calm and listen to updates. … Pray that this won’t get any worse,” said Baylon.

The prelate said the Diocese of Legazpi is ready to help evacuees for their immediate needs through HARONG – Hararom na Pagranga sa Orog na Nangangaipo (Malalim na Pag-aaruga sa Mga Tunay na Nangangailangan), which also came to the aid of evacuees when the volcano erupted in 2014.

“We will just have to bear the brunt of Mayon. Mainly, it means more evacuees. About 3 years ago, there were around 60, 000 individuals/evacuees,” said Baylon.

While the area where the bishop’s residence and most of the city proper are safe, Baylon noted that around 10 barangays are affected by the eruption, which caused lava to flow down the slopes since Monday night. “More or less 10,000 individuals are now in evacuation centers,” said Baylon. CBCPNews