Like Jesus, make room for people — Cardinal Tagle

Like Jesus, make room for people — Cardinal Tagle

Cardinal blesses with holy water 200 images of Our Lady of Fatima during a Mass at the Our Lady of Fatima Parish Church in Pasay City, May 13, 2017. CBCPNews

MANILA— Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle said Christians must make room for people as Jesus did by doing good to others without being selective “and does not discriminate”.

Celebrating the Fatima centenary in Pasay City yesterday, the cardinal said that helping the poor and the outcasts “is something that we can do concretely”.

“When we don’t like some people, we isolate them. But with Jesus, even Judas has room (in his heart),” Tagle said in his homily during Mass at the Our Lady of Fatima Parish.

“Sometimes we do things that are contrary to Jesus’ teachings. Let us show that our parish is really God’s home… the body of Christ by giving room to others,” he said.

More than a thousand people attended the liturgical service which was also held to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the parish.

Reflecting on the Fatima apparitions, he reminded the faithful that everyone had a place in God’s heart and it’s something that people should emulate.

He added that Fatima visionaries Lucia, Francesco and Jacinta were then nobodies and ignored by other people but Mary “showed them their room in the heart of Jesus.”

Siblings Francesco and Jacina Marto were canonized by Pope Francis in Fatima, Portugal on May 13.

“There is a place in Our Mother’s heart for the meager, and even those who could not find their place in society,” Tagle said.

“We are all parts of Jesus. And in the heart of Jesus, we have room,” he added.

During the Mass, the cardinal also blessed images of Our Lady of Fatima that were distributed to the different barangays in Pasay City. CBCPNews