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“Lord heal our land”

“Lord heal our land”

DATED 12 September 2017, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) formally made a pleading, expressly prayed for the reign of truth, justice and peace for the healing and well-being of our country suffering from the violation of human rights, the waste of lives of men, women and young people practically all over the land.  There is absolutely nothing political in the ardent and urgent call, absolutely nothing sectarian in the loud and clear entreaty.  But yet, there is an imperative in the national supplication, an urgency in the fervent prayer “Lord, heal our land,” because the latter is wounded, bleeding and suffering.

It is not unknown that there has come to fore a continuous and insistent extermination of human lives to the point that such a cruel and terminal act still makes the news although there is nothing new about it.  Such day and night downright executions have not only adults but also young people as their targets.  So it is that dead bodies are found in houses, on the streets and at garbage dumps even.  At times, human cadavers are even seen with packaging tapes tied on their hands and/or around their heads.  There are even human corpses placed in big plastic bags—with the usual tags stating their supposed criminal actuations.

All the above-said mortal assaults at human lives already appear to be beyond but reminding those concerned that they should not kill—that they should follow the dictates of sound reason and elementary ethics about the inherent gravity of the right to life.  So it is that mere pleadings to save and not terminate human life already appear to be futile—useless and hopeless.  It is no secret that the enemies of life already appear at home and at peace in killing people.  But neither is it a secret that a big number of supposedly friends of life are either tired of pleading before its terminators or consider it an exercise in futility to speak and act as dictated by justice and truth that only its Giver may take away precisely the gift of life.

So it is that the CBCP is already calling upon the Good Lord Himself to heal our Land whereas it is deeply wounded by the thousands of killings on the part of the suspects as well as on the part of the law enforcers themselves.  It is not enough that killing has become a matter of fact in Luzon and the Visayas.  Killings for another cause or reason are still taking place at a pitiful City in Mindanao—killings taking place day and night, having men, women and children as victims, with both the law enforcers and the law breakers as targets of mortal guns, deadly cannons and bombs.

Recently there was also a killing of a brother by his brothers—considering the understanding and connotation of a “Fraternity” or brotherhood.  Why?  Have the young people of today already imbibed the nonchalance of killing one another?  Has the fact and killing of one another already invaded this or that fraternity in the country?  If young as they are and yet already look at killing as something normal, then the Philippines should change its endearing cheer of “Mabuhay!”  to the horrifying shout of “Mamatay!”

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