Madonna seeks an audience with Pope Francis

Madonna seeks an audience with Pope Francis

chrisweger (CC BY-SA 2.0) | Daniel Ibáñez / ACI Prensa

By Walter Sanchez Silva

Catholic News Agency

May 7, 2022

LIMA, Peru— In a Tweet on Wednesday, Madonna asked Pope Francis to receive her so she could talk with him about “some important matters”.

“Hello @Pontifex Francis —I’m a good Catholic. I Swear! I mean I don’t Swear! Its been a few decades since my last confession. Would it be possible to meet up one day to discuss some important matters ? I’ve been ex communicated 3 times. It doesn’t seem fair. Sincerely Madonna,” the singer tweeted May 4.

Madonna has been the protagonist of various scandals and controversies, such as when she simulated a crucifixion in 2006 on her Confessions tour.

In 1990, during her Blond Ambition tour, Madonna simulated masturbation when she sang Like a Prayer. The song’s music video includes burning crosses.

The singer-songwriter’s request to the Holy Father has already received several responses from priests.

“Madonna, if your heart needs peace, God has already put in it the first step to recover it. It is never too late to return to Jesus, who loves you. You are his daughter by baptism in the Catholic faith. I pray for you,” Father Jorge Enrique Mújica tweeted.

Fr. Matthew P. Schneider said, “I don’t know if the Pope himself can meet with you, but I can find you a priest near where you are to help you. Just DM me if you need help or have questions.”

“Hi Madonna. I am a catholic priest. Do you know what ex communication means? Just checking… Praying for you!,” said Fr. Guillermo Serra.


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