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‘Maid in Malacañang’ mahjong scene with nuns an ‘affront’ to all consecrated women — CMSP

‘Maid in Malacañang’ mahjong scene with nuns an ‘affront’ to all consecrated women — CMSP

By CBCP News

August 5, 2022

Manila, Philippines

The country’s consecrated persons have joined the fray in condemning the pro-Marcos movie “Maid in Malacañang”, saying that it put not only the Carmelite nuns, but all consecrated women, in a “bad light”.

The CMSP or Conference of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines said that portraying the nuns playing mahjong with President Cory Aquino at the height of the nation’s political crisis “is indeed reprehensible”.

“A malicious attack on the integrity of the nuns is an affront to all consecrated women and harms the unity of the Church at large,” said its co-chairpersons Fr. Elias Ayuban, CMF and Sr. Cecilia Espenilla, OP.

“In this regard, we express our solidarity with the maligned nuns, who are our fellow consecrated persons, in their cry for truth and fairness,” they said.

The CMSP also criticized the movie, produced by Sen. Imee Marcos and directed by controversial figure Darryl Yap, for “misrepresenting the truth”.

It particularly expressed concern that the film could mislead viewers, particularly the young people who have not experienced the “horrors of martial law”.

“We are one with the Church and the nation in building unity based on truth. Thus, we call on each one to be discerning and critical not just about this film, but in all aspects of communication media,” they said.

“To tell the truth, to stand for the truth, and to defend the truth is a moral imperative in a society where fake news, disinformation, misinformation, and peddling of lies become normal and natural,” they added.

As consecrated men and women, the CMSP stressed that they “will never abandon and compromise our prophetic role”.

“We continue to remain vigilant and reaffirm our commitment to oppose and denounce any form of historical distortion for indeed ‘the truth will make us free,'” they said.


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