Man gunned down outside bishops’ meeting venue

Man gunned down outside bishops’ meeting venue
Man gunned down outside bishops’ meeting venue

Police officers investigate the body of a man found shot dead in Manila, July 9, 2017. BR. JUN SANTIAGO, CSsR

In what is believed to be another case of summary execution, a man was shot dead shortly before midnight on Sunday near a place where Catholic bishops held their plenary assembly.

Initial police reports said two unidentified men riding a motorcycle gunned down the victim across Pope Pius XII Catholic Center in Manila, where bishops were also staying that night.

The victim was wearing a red shirt and bore tattoos in different parts of his body.

Outgoing CBCP President Archbishop Socrates Villegas, a vocal critic against extrajudicial killings, immediately condemned the incident.

“We demand answers. Shepherds must sometimes raise their voices when wolves prey on God’s flock. Does the death squad, any death squad, own up to this latest travesty?” he said.

Such actions, Villegas said, is clear proof that the problem on unexplained killings remain.

“It tells us, your bishops, that we cannot be reconciled with this situation. Silence in the face of this horrendous deed is complicity,” he said.

“Let the public outcry reach all concerned, for there must be an outcry,” the archbishop added.

The bishops’ assembly ended Monday after a 3-day discussion about Church matters and current issues including the spate of summary executions of suspect drug personalities in the country. CBCPNews