Marian devotion most relevant today

Marian devotion most relevant today

NOW that we are in the merry month of May, it’s good that we remind ourselves of the great importance Mary, the Mother of God and our Mother too, occupies in our life. Let’s hope that we can not only develop a devotion to her but also keep that devotion vibrant always. It can only help us, especially in today’s more complicated

Mary is not only the Mother of Christ, and therefore can be rightly called as the Mother God. She is truly our Mother also since Christ gave her to be our Mother through St. John just before he died on the cross. St. John took her home and she took care of him and the rest of the apostles who were in fear just after Christ’s death.

She truly also cares for us now as our Mother. And she does it the way she took care of Christ. She it was who understood Christ the best. She is the best teacher we can have in knowing, understanding and loving Christ. Her constant observation and pondering in her heart of what she saw in Christ is the perfect way we ought to follow in relating ourselves to Christ.

She is actually present in all aspects of our life, since as a mother who is already in heaven, she involves herself completely in our life, be it in the spiritual, moral or material aspects. She is never indifferent to our conditions, our varying situations and predicaments. She loves us with a human and supernatural heart, always oozing with human affection as well as divine love.
She is always around, especially during our difficulties. She is not scandalized by our sins and dirt, but as a mother she is eager to clean us up. With all the privileges given to her by God, she can always do all these things.

If need be, she will make extraordinary interventions in our life as when she makes special apparitions if only to convey an urgent message to us. And with her, things will always turn out well, since God cannot refuse her appeals on our behalf, as shown in that first miracle of Christ during the wedding at Cana.

We have to learn to deal with her, developing a deep, most childlike devotion to her. We can ask ourselves: how many times have we gone to her today? How often do we express our devotion to her during the day, from morning to night? How do we fulfill the many Marian acts of piety? Do we try to make a new loving effort every day to converse with her?

We have to realize that Mary is the only way, the shortest, safest and surest way to Christ. If our spiritual life is not as vibrant as it should be, it is almost sure that we are not dealing with her properly.