Media people need to be ‘Eucharistic persons’

Media people need to be ‘Eucharistic persons’

Sr. Gemma Ria Dela Cruz, FSP. LAWRENCE PAZ

TACLOBAN City – Sharing her experiences behind the scenes and in front of the camera, a Pauline sister stresses how important it is that people working in media should be “Eucharistic persons.”

“If we become Eucharistic persons, we always pray, it will appear in the media that this is Jesus whom we are showing, not us,” said Sr. Gemma Ria Dela Cruz, FSP, now the head of Sto. Niño Parish’s Social Communication committee and long-time secretary of the Palo Archdiocese Soc Comm ministry.

Being a “Eucharistic person” is also an attribute of APC which is developed through the pre-requisite two-year Pauline charism formation for membership.

‘Live God, Give God’

Pauline cooperators understand that media apostolate is not meant to make one popular but is a means “to bring Christ to the whole world” through modern modes of communication.

The sister, who helps produce the Pamilyang May K, Ok television talk show, and Ang Binhi social media Gospel program, like her fellow Paulines and members of the Association of Pauline Cooperators (APC) adheres to the catechetical principle, “Live God and Give God.”

Despite having a relationship with God in the Eucharist, Dela Cruz shares the media apostolate is not without challenges.

During the onslaught of super typhoon Yolanda in November 2013, all the equipment DSP used for the production of Pamilya and Ang Binhi were destroyed.

Little did the sisters know, help was on the way.

Miracle after super typhoon Yolanda

“It is really a miracle because there was a certain woman Daniela Frank by name, from the Catholic Media Council who offered help even before Yolanda came so that our program will develop,” she said.

It was Frank, she said, who helped replace all the damaged gadgets with even better ones.

“What happened was the gadgets became digitalized, which improved the [technical] quality of the programs,” she shared.

Dela Cruz believes that the programs are meeting their objectives, saying: “I receive feedback through cellphone messages and calls asking for prayers and request for topics.”

According to her, there are even TV stations which request free airing of the two shows in their TV channels.

“Generous people here in Tacloban and also my friends in Manila and my family as well,” have also learned to appreciate and support the shows,” she said.

The Pamilya TV talk show, which focuses on family values and catecheses, is now on its 11th year and occasionaly had Cebu Auxiliary Bishop Oscar Florencio as a host before he was ordained bishop. CBCPNews