“Monsignor Lolong”

“Monsignor Lolong”

THIS is how those who know, admire and love Archbishop Teofilo B. Camomot call him with endearment and admiration.

Born in 1914 in Carcar, Cebu and died in a car accident in 1988, Monsignor Lolong was indeed an extraordinary man of God as demonstrated by his edifying life and consummate love for people—especially the needy. So it was that among other gratifying attributions appended to this loved and loving person are the following: Simple life and virtuous living. Edifying preaching.

Devoted prayer life. Continuous charitable works in favor of the poor and the sick, the hungry and homeless—such that those close to him by consanguinity and friendship even told him to be more choosy in helping those in need as there could be those undeserving of his assistance. But just the same, his dedication in helping the needy in general, went on as a matter of course.

A big number of people attended his burial at the Municipal Cemetery. In 2009, his body—exhumed for transfer to the grounds of the Convent of the Daughters of St. Therese in Cebu—was found incorrupt, nothing less than some 21 years after his death.

Other duly noted revealing facts about his virtuous life and exemplary living when he was still alive were the following extraordinary phenomena: Healing intervention which was certainly much more than relative to but being freed from some little discomfort and the like. Mind Reading such as in terms of telling someone what was right or wrong with his/her thoughts and/or feelings. Levitation whereby his whole body was every now and then raised above the ground without anybody or anything pulling him up. Bilocation during which some individuals saw him in one place while others saw him in another place at the same time. The last two attributions, viz., Levitation and Bilocation, are the most singular facts and arguments that strongly affirm and promote the latter’s sanctity.

With such extraordinary attributions appended to his person, it is understandable that Monsignor Lolong is now an official Candidate for Beatification which is a blessed state of life prior to being a formal Candidate for Canonization or Sainthood. Needless to say, this is a big blessing for the Church as a whole.

On the occasion of the singular phenomena in the life of Monsignor Lolong plus the singular fact that he is now a formal Candidate for Beatification, it might be in right order to forward the following reminders: Beware of wonder workers or false healers whose persons are dubious and whose action and behavior patterns leave much to desire even but in the realm of reason.

Needless to say, there are claims of miracles and healings here and there supposedly done by these or those individuals who are eventually unmasked and thereafter simply disappear precisely on account of their eventually uncovered falsity or duplicity—with much money and big pride as standard accompaniments.

Monsignor Lolong: Pray for us as we pray for your Beatification and ultimate Canonization. Amen.