More Manila homeless find jobs, start anew

More Manila homeless find jobs, start anew

Homeless kids get to feel people’s care and concern during an outreach at the Lawton underpass. SR. ADEL ABAMO

By Oliver Samson

Feb. 7, 2019


MANILA — A number of formerly homeless families, who used to call the Plaza Lawton area their home, are getting back on their feet through the help of income-generating projects.

More homeless are making a living through different livelihood programs and projects with government agencies and religious organizations, she noted.

Many have started to work as street sweepers, trike drivers, vendors, and public utility jeepney barkers, the nun said.

New life in the province

Talitha Khum, an international network of religious people advocating children and women’s rights and welfare, is also employing several people living in poverty through its rosary- and bracelet-making project, explained Sr. Adel Abamo (SDS), the group’s Asia coordinator.

“We are currently expanding the market and may employ more homeless in the future,” she said.

According to her, some have chosen to return to their provinces to start a new life.

Vulnerable to abuse

The religious group and collaborators recently visited homeless families in Plaza Lawton, distributing food, clothes, slippers, and toys during the holidays.

“We go there to make them feel [that] people love and care for them,” she said.

Abamo’s group also visits the homeless of Plaza Lawton to educate them on the rights of women and children, who she said, as individuals with no permanent address or shelter, are exposed and vulnerable to different forms of abuse.

“They are usually victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking,” she said.

The nuns and their collaborators have been conducting outreach to the homeless in Plaza Lawton for the past years.