More than ‘kilig’ true love is…

PASIG City, Feb. 13, 2017 – The “kilig level” in social media skyrocketed over the week when a national fast-food chain released a series of video ads timed for Valentine’s Day, leading a university professor and human resource specialist to stress that more than “kilig” or romantic thrill, true love is about fidelity and sacrifice.

“Time Hangs by a Thread” by Maria Victoria Q. Caparas, an Associate Professor of the University of Asia & the Pacific (UA&P)

“Kilig”, a Filipino term that was recently added to the new words list of the Oxford English Dictionary, refers to the feeling of excitement due to various romantic situations.

Not just ‘kilig’

But “kilig” alone cannot bring a person to live out the fullest meaning of being a relationship, said Maria Victoria Q. Caparas, an Associate Professor of the University of Asia & the Pacific (UA&P), who came out with the book “Time Hangs by a Thread”, which is about the real story of a woman who, after getting separated and divorced, still remained faithful to her marriage vows.

“Through the years, I have observed the rapid increase in the number of separated couples. I realized that my lack of personal encounter and depth of insight into what women in this situation go through would make any friendly advice that I may give be perceived as either naïve or pedantic,” she explained, noting why Maruja Moragas’ story is relevant to the times.

Caparas collaborated with Moragas in July 2011 in the Women’s Lobby Network in Spain, which focused on programs on women in leadership.

Helping Filipino wives and mothers

The book, which is a translation of the personal account of Moragas, particularly presents what the author herself called “the mother of all crises” (separation and divorce), how she escaped from the vicious cycle of love and hate, and successfully moved on as a single mother and career woman while still remaining faithful to her spouse.

“I thought that Maruja’s life story could help women suffering from similar circumstances and overcome the damage wreaked by moral suffering,” said Caparas.

Need of role models, resources

According to the author, the book came about as a reaction to the available literature on women.
Caparas shared: “Earlier, I was looking for books on women and the family but, to my dismay, I only found books about mistresses… I thought that we could be lacking in role models of women who suffered from separations and need to pro-actively face adversities with head held up high.”

“Maruja’s story was the first book I read about the joys and sorrows of a divorced woman who viewed her situation from the perspective of her Christian convictions and upbringing.”

“This book opened my eyes to a new set of realities as my acquaintances and friends consist mostly of married couples who stay together,” Caparas admitted.

About the book

“Time Hangs by a Thread” is available at the UA&P and Totus bookstore. The kindle edition is available in For other details, go to