Muslims join Catholics de-stress Marawi siege survivors

Muslims join Catholics de-stress Marawi siege survivors

Dr. Mary Jean Netario Cruz, in white, and volunteers

MANILA – A number of Muslims has joined Catholics in an on-going program that seeks to treat people who went through emotional and physical stress during the 2017 Marawi siege.

A group of about 70 Christian and Muslim volunteers, who were trained to conduct trans-dermal magnesium therapy in Cagayan De Oro, went to Iligan in June to help de-stress evacuees, said Dr. Mary Jean Netario Cruz, a naturopath and trans-dermal magnesium therapy advocate, who initiated the program.

“The therapy has revolved around body pains, which were triggered by the stress they went through,” said the doctor. “That experience has depleted the mineral in the body.”

According to Cruz, a number of body pains are associated with magnesium deficiency due to stress and an unhealthy lifestyle.

The volunteers, who are mostly Maranao, also conducted therapy sessions at the Marawi Provincial Hall in July, Cruz added. No less than 70 former hostages were given therapy.

Soldiers also received magnesium therapy with the help of 3 military officers who underwent trans-dermal magnesium therapy in Iligan where Cruz was housed by the bishop.

She said the bishops of Batangas, Cagayan De Oro, and Iligan helped coordinate her initiative.

The bishops also facilitated her entry into Cagayan De Oro to conduct the training of trans-dermal magnesium therapy volunteers. CBCPNews