Nature’s wrath and disaster

Nature’s wrath and disaster

It was half an hour before I served as Lector at the 6:00pm Sunday Mass in our parish when I glanced at my celfon. I was shocked when I read in our Family Group Chat the eruption of Taal Volcano. My sister and brother-in-law just came from Tagaytay City home of our other sister, to supervise the anti-termite work. After the pest control work, they closed the house, left Tagaytay around 12:00noon and went back to Quezon City. Upon reaching home, they were horrified to watch the news on television about the eruption. It was good they left Tagaytay before the eruption. Likewise, my niece who was with a group of medical interns from UP-PGH just came down to Manila from Amadeo, Cavite the day before; they had their weekly community health service. It was good they did not postpone their trip back to Manila.

The havoc caused by the eruption is too much. Alert Level 4 was immediately declared. The beautiful Tagaytay and the towns surrounding Taal Lake are now locked down, declared dangerous zones, a no man’s land. Now, all the beautiful sceneries along the way to Tagaytay are covered with ashfalls and muds, trees are burnt and broken, houses were damaged, roads have fissures, everything is abandoned.

In times like this the Catholic Church is the first to open its doors to the evacuees. Retreat Houses of different Catholic congregations were turned into evacuation areas. Hot meals are provided to those in need, irrespective of religion. Basic needs like clothing, blankets, mats, beddings, toiletries, foods and water are distributed. Our countrymen from all walks of life never failed to help—they gave their time, talent and treasures. Those who cannot afford to give financial support gave their time and talent. Those who do not have the time to serve, they gave financial assistance. That is the Filipino culture, the spirit of bayanihan, there is no need to ask what they can do; they volunteer whatever they have and whatever they can do.  Donations of basic needs pour out in every evacuation shelters.

We pray for the safety of all the residents of the affected areas, including their horses and cows which are the main source of their livelihood. We pray that their houses are still safe to live in, although most of them were torn down to the grounds. We pray that the trauma they experienced will not make them totally wounded; that they continue to stand firm in their faith, trust God so that they can immediately recover and move on.



With great honor and appreciation, the members of LaYko si Pads Suportahan Kita Clergy Concert Committee are happy for a very successful and full house Concert last January 13, 2020 at PICC Plenary Hall, Cultural Center Complex, Pasay City. The concert proceeds will be used for the completion of the construction of the Divine Mercy Spiritual Renewal Center, the retirement home of retired priests and the formation house of seminarians and the laity. The Concert is a fund raising project of the Diocese of Kalookan and the Council of the Laity of Kalookan.

We thanked all those who made the Concert a super success—His Eminence Luis Antonio “Chito” Cardinal Tagle, Kalookan Bishop Most Rev. Pablo Virgilio “Ambo” David who both rendered songs to the delight of the audience; the performers composed of the clergy, the religious priests and sisters, and the deacons from the Diocese of Kalookan; the guest celebrities composed of Michael Angelo Lobrin, Arman Ferrer, Jonalyn Viray, Robi Domingo.

We thanked the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation, Inc. for the very able and expert handling of production of LaYKo si Pads Concert led by Director/Writer Jampao Reyes, AD/Video Design/Playback Henri Macatangay, Production Manager Charyl de Guzman, Set Designer Joseph de Guzman, Lighting Director Joseph Matheu, Technical Director William Roxas, Choreographer Jovito Bonita,Jr., Assistant Production Manager Roselle Buenaventura, Stage Manager/Spinner Christopher David and Musical Director Mike Bulaong.

We thanked those who bought tickets, watched the Concert despite the chaos and ash falls from Taal Volcano eruption and successfully made a full house of the PICC Plenary Hall. They generously gave donations during the “pass the hat” portion of Michael Angelo Lobrin. We thanked all the sponsors who believed in the cause and gave generous donations for the completion of the retirement home of the retired priests.

Most of all we thanked all the men and women who voluntarily asked what they can do to make the LaYKo si Pads Concert a success, no need to ask them if they want to volunteer their services. They unselfishly shared their time, talent and treasures, rendered their services up to the wee hours of the morning especially during the eve of the Concert when everyone was worried about the ashfall brought by Taal Volcano eruption, they still spent the night at San Ildefonso Church doing the last minute work for the Concert. They worked behind the scene without any complaints. Some did the double job as volunteers like the Foods Team members who also acted as marshals after distributing early dinner to the volunteers, the Media, Documentation and Secretariat who exerted their best effort and also acted as marshals.

To all of you, many thanks for believing in our cause, for giving your whole-hearted support and cooperation to the project. To quote Mr. Jojie Juanerio of San Jose Academy, Navotas City, “Congratulations … for giving us a great show with a worthy cause. Mabuhay po kayo! Duc in Altum!”



Happy Fiesta to our San Ildefonso Parish in Navotas City! Feast Day is celebrated every January 23. San Ildefonso is a bishop from Toledo and a great devotee of our Blessed Virgin Mary. We ask San Ildefonso to pray for us in times of calamities, fire, typhoons, volcanic eruption, floods, sickness and big problems. He truly listens to all our prayers. The Fiesta Theme is “Duyog San Ildefonso”. Duyog is a Visayan term which means support, united and working together. United, we can achieve our goal. Our parish priest is Fr. Bong Gino.