Negros bishop suppresses ‘Society of San Pedro Calungsod’

Negros bishop suppresses ‘Society of San Pedro Calungsod’

By CBCP News

June 13, 2024

Manila, Philippines

The bishop of San Carlos diocese has “suppressed” the Society of San Pedro Calungsod (SSPC) from operating in his ecclesiastical jurisdiction.

The SSPC, which sought recognition as a pious association of lay faithful, was allowed to operate in the diocese under a trial period of more than seven years.

“By suppression, we mean the lifting of our official recognition ‘ad experimentum’ of the group,” said Bishop Gerardo Alminaza in a circular issued June 10.

He said SSPC was given an opportunity to establish itself and demonstrate its charism and mission.

The trial period, according to him, was intended to ensure that their presence would contribute positively to the holiness of their members and to the mission of the diocese.

He said the group was tasked, among other things, with fulfilling foundational requirements, including the development of written constitutions detailing their nature, purpose, spirit, governance, and discipline.

Additionally, they were also to demonstrate financial viability and the ability to support their members and mission.

Despite the many chances and support provided, the bishop said that the SSPC failed to meet these essential requirements.

“It has become clear that continuing to recognize the SSPC would not serve the best interests of our faithful or the unity and pastoral care of our diocese,” Alminaza said.

He said that the SSPC is now “prohibited from conducting any activities or presenting itself as a legitimate ecclesiastical entity within the diocese” after its suppression.


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