New Version You

New Version You

PEOPLE strongly gravitate towards and get attached to anything new! This is especially true of gadgets, cars, and fashion. The attraction is more pronounced with electronic tools and other technological accessories because technology progresses in giant steps that rapidly delivers more advanced features. What was No. 1 of some must-have-list a few months ago humbly gives way to a newer version.

We are, however, learning that newer and more don’t necessary mean better. Technology undoubtedly offers a host of new features each time. But buyers are more discerning of these so-called advances and if they are really worth spending on when what they offer doesn’t dramatically differ from older versions.

For example, one of latest gadgets boasts a number of features that seem revolutionary at first glance. It has bluetooth version 5 that is now able to stream music to two different headsets, super high wi-fi speeds that no other gadgets have at the moment, an “infinity” screen and more.

Honestly, these technological improvements aren’t radically different from what earlier models had.

What exactly could be considered new or revolutionary as regards gadgets?

Let’s imagine some not-so-impossible features that would make a smartphone or any tech tool revolutionary: first, battery you don’t have to recharge or at least lasts for three months before charging! Second, what I would call a one band communication line. That is, with just one medium, say bluetooth, you can not only connect to as many devices but also with the same channel receive wi-fi, send data, and even control other devices, etc. Third, a user-defined flexi-memory capacity (both in storage and speed), that can be adjusted without being limited to the device’s hardware specifications.

Now that is totally new for me!

I’m sure that in a matter of years my suggested “imaginary” features would be passé. But even if these were achieved, they can never satisfy man’s inner longing for spiritual newness that is expressed in his desire for material novelty. This goes to show that man was made for something new, but a spiritual and eternal one. And no technology or app on earth can give it.

If there is something, better said, Someone who has already offered man novelty, it would our Lord. He has given man, through His redeeming grace a totally new life panorama: everlasting life, eternal happiness, lasting peace, and communion with Love.

It is now up to man, with God’s grace, to want this real newness!

God’s mercy and grace need no recharging and they are always accessible. God is always online and His bandwidth reaches all men. God’s presence and guidance is always there through the portal of prayer and the Sacraments. It is now up to each one to humbly correspond to this infinite reserve of spiritual means to daily upgrade his love and sacrifice and offer a newer version of himself to God and to others.