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Nuke energy not worth the risk — bishop

Nuke energy not worth the risk — bishop

The mothballed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. CBCPNEWS FILE PHOTO

By CBCP News

March 4, 2020

Manila, Philippines

The nuclear disasters in Chernobyl, Fukushima, and Three Mile Island illustrate that nuke power carries with it risks that are simply not worth taking, a Catholic bishop said.

Bishop Gerardo Alminaza of San Carlos, a known advocate for clean energy, stressed that all three accidents happened in states with far more advanced technology, infrastructure and experience than the Philippines.

“(They) are powerful albeit sorrowful reminders of the risks of nuclear power that we need not expose Filipinos to,” he said.

The prelate was reacting to reports that a proposed executive order to add nuclear energy to the country’s energy mix is up for President Rodrigo Duterte’s approval.

Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi’s proposal on the matter was heard by Duterte during a Cabinet meeting on March 2.

Bishop Alminaza hoped that Duterte will not turn back on his word, which tasked the Energy department to promote renewable energy, which is “a cheaper and safer source of energy compared to the possible holocaust risked with nuclear power.”

“Instead of empowering our people, energy from nuclear activities threatens human life and the lives of creatures big and small,” he said.

The bishop also urged Duterte not to sign the executive order and instead remind Cusi to make renewable energy as the country’s primary source of electricity.

“This is what would truly be beneficial for our people, and would also serve as a concrete act of care for our common home,” he added.