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On the celebration of Women’s Month

On the celebration of Women’s Month

In the history of our salvation, one woman played a very important role: the Blessed Virgin Mary. By her fiat, she became the Mother of Jesus, our Saviour, and, in the order of grace, our own Mother too. In the plan of God, the most ordinary woman has an irreplaceable role to play at procreation. In her womb, life comes as a gift from God. Through her, God forms and nurtures a new human person. Indispensable and unique is her service and contribution to the family, the Church, and the social order.

There are specific tasks in life that only a woman can do just as there are specific tasks that are meant only for a man. But man and woman are equal in dignity. Their true relationship is to complement and complete each other. Every woman is entitled to the respect of every man and other women; no woman should ever be treated as a mere object for another person’s satisfaction.

God made man and woman according to his own image and likeness. Every offense against the dignity of women is a direct offense against God himself. Prostitution, sexual abuse, violence and various forms of discrimination violate their intrinsic being. But women, as the bearer of human life, are in a unique position to change and transform society for the better. This is the task to which they are called always, but particularly at this time. To them I say then, nurture what is good in your families. Raise God-loving, responsible and happy children, remembering that it is in your homes, no matter how humble, that we begin to form citizens of the world.

Bishop Crispin Varquez
Chairman, CBCP Office on Women