Online classes? So much to be done, says bishop

Online classes? So much to be done, says bishop

Bishop Rex Andrew Alarcon of Daet. DIOCESE OF DAET

By CBCP News

May 11, 2020

Manila, Philippines

Much has yet to be done in making virtual learning accessible to students when classes start in August amid coronavirus concerns, a Catholic bishop said.

As of the moment, Bishop Rex Andrew Alarcon of Daet said that school administrators and teachers are doing their best to adjust.

“However, many are not prepared financially, technologically, pedagogically,” said Alarcon, who also chairs the bishops’ youth ministry. “The capability of our providers is another concern.”

The Department of Education has earlier announced that coming academic year will open on Aug. 24.

The agency also said that the flexible learning system may be conducted physically or online depending on the state of the pandemic by then.

For private schools planning to open in June, online classes are also advised.

Alarcon, a Catholic educator before becoming a prelate, agreed that if congregating together continues to become a risk, online classes would be a “safe mode”.

He stressed the need for immediate measures on the part of schools to ensure readiness for online classes.

“It has started actually but not big steps yet,” he added. “There is much to be done.”

“But education as a human activity, would not be complete without personal encounter, certainly,” Alarcon said.