Tres Marias

With the wind howling outside the glass doors of the rectangular third-floor iron veranda of the parish and uneven rain clouds hovering over the city of Cebu, I scrounged for some consoling memories.

Fighting boredom and dryness

It cannot be denied that even with all our best efforts, the danger of slipping into boredom and dryness is always there, what with all this somewhat ‘forced’ stay-at-home dispensation we are having these days.

Enjoying the ECQ

While there are those who see nothing but boredom in the Enhanced Community Quarantine, there are also people who regard it as nothing less than a blessing.  In fact these blessed ones are thoroughly enjoying it.

Going the extra mile

Far from falling into idleness and boredom, this current condition of ours brought about by the pandemic and its consequent prudential measures should challenge us and give rise to novel manifestations of our creativity and productivity.