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‘Our prayers are heard,’ says bishop on SC ruling on Veloso testimony

‘Our prayers are heard,’ says bishop on SC ruling on Veloso testimony

By CBCP News

October 14, 2019

Manila, Philippines

A church official has welcomed the Supreme Court ruling allowing Filipina on death row Mary Jane Veloso to testify against her recruiters by way of deposition in Indonesia.

Bishop Ruperto Santos of the Episcopal Commission on Migrants and Itinerant People said Veloso’s testimony is important “to know fully what really happened”.

“Our prayers are heard,” Santos said. “Our justices have decided for what is just, proper and right.”

“With this, we will know the modus operandi of human trafficking, how she was used, duped and victimized by her recruiters,” he said.

The SC on Oct. 11 ruled that Veloso could give her testimony before the Philippine Consular Office and Indonesian officials, reversing the Court of Appeals’ decision.

The CA had blocked the deposition twice, citing the rights of the accused to confront Veloso, a convicted drug mule, face to face.

“We appreciate the sound and fair decision of SC to let MJ give her testimony,” Santos said.

The prelate said the Church will also continue to pray for Veloso for her to receive justice.

“And we will continue to pray that MJ will receive justice, will enjoy full liberty and live a normal, humane life,” he said.