Overseas Pinoys launch Rosary brigade for Marawi crisis

Overseas Pinoys launch Rosary brigade for Marawi crisis

MANILA– With growing concern for the ongoing crisis in Marawi and various incidents of violence in the country, Filipinos overseas launched an online Rosary brigade to ask Holy Mary’s intercession for peace in the country.

“We, Pinoys, all over the world, as brethren in Christ, should unite and multiply our prayers, to ask the Most Holy Trinity, through the intercession of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, convinced that the Immaculate Heart of Mary to whom God entrusted the peace in the world, will hear the prayers of her children,” said Fr. Rolando Arjonillo, a Filipino priest assigned in Seville, Spain.

The priest, as the administrator of the Catholics Striving for Holiness website and Facebook page, together with other Filipinos in Spain, launched a worldwide appeal for Filipinos to “pray not only for the resolution of the Marawi crisis but also for the Philippines and the world in general, for the change of hearts of the sowers of violence, and to relieve the suffering of innocent people, so that persons of different creeds would live in peaceful co-existence”.

“For this, we set up an international Holy Rosary brigade to encourage Filipinos abroad to follow closely the situation in Marawi and in other parts of the Philippines and to seek recourse to Our Lady by praying the Rosary daily for these intentions,” said Arjonillo, describing the initiative.

“People from all over the world, not only Filipinos, have already responded our appeal,” said the priest, sharing some of their messages:

From Mauritius: “Holy Mother Mary, please cover the Philippines with your protective mantle.”

From a Filipino in Saudi Arabia: “Mama Mary, please pray for our country, especially Marawi, that peace and love may reign. Amen.”

From a French woman: “Please, Lord, bring peace to us. Mother Mary and St Joseph, pray for us. Angels of God, defend us in battle. Amen.”

From Nairobi, Kenya: “My Holy Mother, most caring loving, my intercessor, pray for our brethren in Marawi!”

From an American: “Blessed Mother Mary, please cover Marawi, with your heavenly mantle, and ask Jesus to help them, Amen.”

From another Filipina abroad: “Lord, grant our country, peace and unity and protect us, especially our brothers and sisters in Marawi and also for the latest incident at Resorts World. We pray in Jesus’ mighty name with Mama Mary. Amen.”

The Holy Rosary Brigade is open to all Catholics of any nationality and to their friends of any religion as well, particularly those who can communicate in English for use as a common language.

Its main aim is to provide spiritual support by way of prayer, sacraments, and Catholic doctrinal formation posts which aim to inspire more love for Jesus.

To join, search for “English-Speaking Catholics” in Facebook, enter and click on the “Join” widget. CBCPNews